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What is Forex Factory Calendar?

The Forex Factory Calendar is an essential tool for forex traders, providing crucial information about upcoming economic events that can impact the foreign exchange market. Economic events, such as interest rate decisions, employment reports, and GDP growth rates, can cause significant price movements in currency pairs, making it vital for traders to stay informed.

Importance of Economic Events

Economic events can greatly influence the forex market, as they provide insights into a country’s economic health and future prospects. When an economic event occurs, traders react to the news, which can lead to sharp movements in currency prices. By understanding the timing and potential impact of these events, traders can make informed decisions and better manage risk.

Navigating the Forex Factory Calendar

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Time Settings

To effectively use the Forex Factory Calendar, you need to ensure the time settings are correctly configured to your local time. This will help you stay on top of important events without confusion. You can adjust the time settings by clicking on the clock icon at the top-right corner of the calendar.


The Forex Factory Calendar allows you to filter events by impact, which is essential for focusing on the most relevant information. High-impact events usually cause significant market volatility, while low-impact events might not cause much reaction. By applying filters, you can customize the calendar to display only the events that matter to your trading strategy.

Currency Pairs

Another crucial aspect of navigating the Forex Factory Calendar is selecting the currency pairs you want to track. By selecting specific currency pairs, you can focus on the events that will likely have the most significant impact on the currencies you trade. You can customize your currency selection by clicking on the “Filter” button and choosing the desired pairs.

Understanding the Calendar Components

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Date and Time

The date and time of an economic event are displayed in the first two columns of the Forex Factory Calendar. These columns indicate when the event is scheduled to take place, allowing traders to prepare for potential market movements.

Currency and Impact

The currency column displays the three-letter currency code for the country associated with the event. The impact column, represented by colored icons, indicates the expected effect of the event on the forex market. Red icons signify high impact, orange icons signify medium impact, and yellow icons signify low impact events.

Event Description

The event description provides a brief overview of the economic event, helping traders understand its significance. By clicking on the event, you can access more detailed information, such as the source of the data, the methodology used, and historical data for comparison.

Actual, Forecast, and Previous Data

Three key data points are provided for each economic event: Actual, Forecast, and Previous. The Actual data represents the released figure, the Forecast data is the expected figure based on analyst predictions, and the Previous data shows the value from the last release. Comparing these data points can help traders anticipate market reactions and make informed trading decisions.

Utilizing the Forex Factory Calendar for Trading Decisions

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Analyzing Market Reactions

To become a pro at reading the Forex Factory Calendar, you need to learn how to analyze market reactions to economic events. This involves monitoring currency pair price movements before, during, and after an event. By understanding how the market reacts, you can identify potential trading opportunities and better manage risk.

Trading Strategies Based on Economic Events

Several trading strategies can be employed based on the information provided by the Forex Factory Calendar. For example, traders can implement news trading strategies, where they enter a position just before or after an economic event, aiming to capitalize on sharp price movements. Additionally, traders can employ breakout strategies, focusing on trading when significant price levels are breached due to market reactions.


Reading the Forex Factory Calendar like a pro involves understanding the various components of the calendar, configuring the appropriate settings, and using the provided information to make informed trading decisions. By mastering the Forex Factory Calendar, you can stay ahead of market-moving events and develop trading strategies that take advantage of the opportunities presented by economic events.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I rely solely on the Forex Factory Calendar for my trading decisions?

While the Forex Factory Calendar is a valuable tool for understanding economic events and their potential impact on the forex market, it's essential to combine this knowledge with other forms of analysis, such as technical and fundamental analysis, for a well-rounded trading strategy.

How often is the Forex Factory Calendar updated?

The Forex Factory Calendar is continuously updated as new economic events are announced and data is released. This ensures that traders always have access to the most recent information.

Is the Forex Factory Calendar free to use?

Yes, the Forex Factory Calendar is a free resource available to anyone with internet access. Traders can access the calendar directly through the Forex Factory website.

Can the Forex Factory Calendar help me predict the direction of a currency pair?

The Forex Factory Calendar provides information about upcoming economic events, which can impact currency pair price movements. While it cannot predict the exact direction of a currency pair, it can help traders understand potential market reactions and develop trading strategies accordingly.

Can I set up alerts for specific economic events on the Forex Factory Calendar?

Yes, by creating a free account on the Forex Factory website, you can set up custom alerts for specific economic events, ensuring you never miss an important update.



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